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Who We Are

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Do you know what causes the most damage or loss? It’s a decision taken without adequate thought or knowledge! Here, at Derwent Finance we understand the same, thus, we always put our best foot forward, so that any decision taken during your mortgage loan process doesn’t turn out into a loss!

Profile Pic - Emmanuel Marios

Emmanuel Marios

Chief Executive Officer & Principal

Meet The Team

Emmanuel Marios, the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Derwent Finance Company is a driving force behind our success in the competitive world of real estate. With a keen eye for opportunities and a strategic mindset, Emmanuel leads our team with unwavering determination. His extensive experience in the industry, combined with a passion for innovation, has cemented Derwent Finance Company’s reputation as a trusted name in real estate. Emmanuel’s visionary leadership has enabled us to navigate complex market dynamics, providing clients with tailored solutions and maximizing their real estate investments.

As CEO and Principal, Emmanuel sets the standard for excellence within our organization. He fosters a culture of collaboration and client-centricity, ensuring that every decision made at Derwent Finance Company aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional value. With his leadership, we continue to evolve, adapt, and thrive in the ever-changing real estate landscape, making Derwent Finance Company a top choice for those seeking expert guidance and unmatched results in the realm of real estate investment.

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Rhianna Farnan

Chief Communication Officer

Sandy C - Profile Picture

Sandy Czyzowicz

Office Manager

Rabina Thapa - Profile Picture

Rabina Thapa


Riley May - Profile Picture.

Riley May

Senior Mortgage Broker

Joel Sims - Profile Picture

Joel Sims

Mortgage Broker

ROSHAN BHATTARAI - Profile Picture

Roshan Bhattarai

Mortgage Broker

Kaya Geale - Profile Picture

Kaya Geale

Mortgage Broker

Andrew Ferreri

Mortgage Broker


From Start To Finish Of Your Loan Payment

Start to Finish of your Loan Payment

Procuring a committed end goal of bestowing customers with a happy and satisfying experience; we start by assessing their situation, followed by educating them about the right loan products to best suit their unique needs.

Bringing years of experience and knowledge to the table, our team carefully and consciously works out the right strategy for clients, to help them reach their goals. This means, that when we say we find just the right home loan or investment loan to best fit your needs then, it isn’t a mere statement, in fact, we have backed it up with all the required research and groundwork.

We believe our work does not end with finding the right loan and getting it approved but starts here!

As a part of our commitment to go the extra mile for our clients, we stay in contact with every professional involved in the loan application and stay by their side starting from submission to settlement of the loan.

Start to Finish of your Loan Payment

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Do not miss out on any update by joining our Facebook group !